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Bespoke Shirt at Swann & Oscar

A recent trend, linked to the new ways in which we use the web, is to order products (such as shirts) directly from the manufacturer’s website. If you can’t visit a bespoke tailor, a semi-bespoke service will come to you. That’s the unique selling point for new arrivals on the web, Swann & Oscar, who have recently acquired a boutique store at 19 rue d’Anjou in Paris, near the Palais de l’Elysée to go with their website, selling a range of semi-tailored shirts. The final element, the physical presence, gives you greater confidence in your purchase, allowing you to see the fabrics, adapt the standard shirt pattern to suit your measurements and, if necessary, have any alterations done in the showroom. WE’VE TESTED IT FOR YOU: Online ordering: On your first encounter, the site is not at all confusing, and after entering nine measurements, you’ve created a pattern for your shirt. Now all you need to do is choose the fabric, from a wide selection, as well as your collar, buttons and button holes, your cuffs, a separate placket (or not), monogram (or not), three basic designs, and pleats at the back. To ensure that you take your measurements successfully, I recommend that you follow the detailed instructions closely and watch the eight videos.

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In fifteen minutes, your order has been placed and, ten days later, you receive your shirt. The prices range between 69 and 169 euro, plus eight euro for postage and packing, though you can spend as much as 198 euro if you choose all the options and go for one of a very small number of high-end fabrics (approx. 10% of the range)]: the average price is 100 euro, e.g., 109 euro for a poplin Portland from Thomas mason 120/2. They also offer 140 fabrics for those customers who demand that kind of quality, but the two-ply fabrics at 99 euro probably represent the best value for money. The online site compares favourably with other online offerings in terms of its interface, its selection and, above all, its physical presence with a bricks-and-mortar store. With a little bit of imagination, you’ll a unique shirt that you can call your own.

As far as the shirt that we tested, the fabric was very soft and hardwearing, made from a blue striped Twill, with the collar and cuffs lined in pink striped poplin, a spread collar, Neapolitan cuffs, button-holes with red edging, mother-of-pearl buttons, a general shape that was not tightly fitted, with no separate placket and a single pleat in the back, and no pocket or monogram. Sleek and strong – Well packaged in its box, Cool and classy, designed to make you stand out, very urban, floaty, play with your collar, silky and difficult to crease, lovely mother-of-pearl and a personalised button hole, Neapolitan cuffs with an Omega Speedmaster, choose your fabric, Sleeve and shoulder sizes are not linked, unlike traditional measurements. THE ONLINE ORDERING PROCESS: Choosing a fabric is an essential step / choice of collar / choice of cuffs / different placket / choice of buttons / magnifying glass for the fabric. SEEN ON THE SITE: THE GUARANTEE: “By creating piece individually, we offer a range of high quality products with a better cut, and which can be customised to reflect your personal taste.

Swann & Oscar has therefore set itself the goal of offering the best possible standards of service while maximising customer satisfaction. For this reason, when you place your first order for a shirt, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.” 90-day made-to-measure guarantee: Whatever the reason, we will take care of all alterations to the first shirt that you order, so that you are ensured of a perfect fit. These alterations will also be applied to the pattern used for your initial order, so that they are reflected in any future orders placed.”

Article in Le Point: “Enterprise – made-to-measure shirts with an ace up their sleeve.” A funny sort of idea. Thibault de Drouas, aged 30, a former financial controller in the automotive industry, started out in the business of making made-to-measure shirts a year ago by creating the Swann & Oscar brand with a business partner. “In Madrid and London, all businessmen can get a bespoke shirt. In France, there’s almost nothing on the market,” asserts Drouas, who seized the opportunity to update the good old XXL shirt with custom models featuring coloured linings, Neapolitan collars and cuffs, manufactured by French craftsmen and women using fabrics (from a selection of over 2,000 styles!) from the top English manufacturers. All this at unbeatable prices: from 69 euro per shirt, thanks to the online design service offered by his website.” HOW TO FIND OUT MORE AND/OR PLACE AN ORDER: A first showroom store has opened in Paris at 19 rue d’Anjou 75008 Paris (head for the back of the courtyard), Tel: +33 (0)1 44 19 74 96 – www.swannetoscar.com.

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