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Of finally accessible bespoke

An outward sign of social success, made-to-measure tailoring had long conveyed an image of intimidating luxury that was the preserve of a privileged few. Thanks to the internet, it’s finally starting to become more accessible. Today, a number of websites are offering clothes, from shirts to suits, for a third of the prices charged in the past. The absence of physical stores for some, and manufacturing sites that are at a different location from the rest of the business, allow prices to be reduced, to the extent that Les Nouveaux Ateliers (see inset) can offer a shirt, cut to your own measurements, from 49 euro. You can expect to pay 250 euro for a suit in the Allure range from Pernac Paris. Moreover, the ability to create your own shirt in your living room has been decisive for many people for whom this kind of luxury was once just a dream. The benefits?

Newspaper Metro - Of Finally accessible bespoke

Significant time savings. In the past, if you wanted a suit, you might need to attend up to four fitting sessions. Who has time for that nowadays? Similarly, the delivery timescales have also been cut to the bone. However, if made-to-measure clothing can boast of its practicality, it nonetheless demands a minimum level of concentration when it comes to creating the finished product. Taking measurements, choosing a collar, cuffs and buttons are all decisive steps and it is in this area that the after-sales service offered by some labels comes into its own. “Our aim is to take the drama out of made-to-measure clothing, but also to reassure those who are just starting out with our products. That’s why we offer any adjustments that are needed when the customer orders his first bespoke shirt for free, unlike other sites that charge for the service,” explains Thibault de Drouas, co-founder of Swann & Oscar. This is not a minor detail to be overlooked, either, because – depending on the alterations needed – the price of a shirt can increase by up to 40% of the original price. In gentlemen’s wardrobes, “Shoes are also benefitting from this enthusiasm for made-to-measure products,” according to Véronique and Olivier Carrobourg, founders of the Derville brand. In their showroom, a 3D scanner allows them to take a digital imprint of each foot. Afterwards, each customer can choose the shape, lacing, and colour for a pair of shoes that starts at 490 euro. So, are you tempted?

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