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The revival of bespoke

On the shirt rack, the range of products is every bit as comprehensive. A bespoke shirt requires the same techniques as a tailored suit. It never cramps your style, and offers you unparalleled comfort,” explains Anne-Marie Colban, director of Charvet, which has been the leader in the field since 1838 with a selection of over 6,000 fabrics, and which continues to attract a younger clientele over time. Also worth mentioning are Liste Rouge and Swann & Oscar, the latter of which has just launched a premium Sartorial range in partnership with the high-end clothier, Albini.

Newspaper Le Point - made to measure

However, the fascination with bespoke tailoring is also attracting new arrivals, referred to in the trade as the “neo” tailors. While you need to spend upwards of 5,000 euro for a fully bespoke suit from a master tailor (requiring around 100 hours of effort to manufacture, partly by hand), a “neo-tailor” will charge between 600 and 1,000 euros. It is however fundamental to distinguish fully bespoke tailoring, made by hand by a master tailor, from the wider made-to-measure market. Made-to-measure has more in common with the semi-tailored market, with a mass-produced approach to tailoring that may be closer to customisation of a standard product, even if the finishing touches are added by hand.

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