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The benefit to create its e-shop

Made-to-measure shirts, with personalisation and home delivery, are very popular with men. But pay attention: selling made-to-measure online demands a site that teaches customers what they need to know. The advisory role is extremely important, which is why we’ve put videos online, detailing how to take measurements, for example, while a thorough description of the various aspects is essential to our business. By choosing to sell online, we can be 20% cheaper than our bricks-and-mortar competitors, due to our low cost base. Similarly, we don’t have the same stock issues to deal with as a physical shop. For this reason, we don’t have sales on our shirts, either, though we do offer private sales events to satisfy our customers in this regard.

Article Fashion Daily News

Our Paris-based showroom is still required, particularly to provide after-sales service to reassure our customers. I’d advise anyone new to the market to create a basic site with a strong identity that’s easy to use, with a clear system of tabs and codes that can be understood by everyone.

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