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S&O : The new place where you should buy your shirts

After the success of its gift boxes (€99 for single-thread shirts and €129 for two-ply), Swann & Oscar continues to innovate with its range of made-to-measure shirts. The famous British clothier, Thomas Mason, has now become a supplier and to mark the occasion, it has opened its collection of luxury fabrics to the young French label. The shirt (from €179) is entirely hand made in Italy, from cutting out the initial pattern through to sewing the button holes, and combines the finest standards of manufacture with details such as offset seams on the sleeves, a matching pattern on the shoulders (aligned with the pattern on the sleeves), finer stitching and buttons with crow’s foot stitching – in short, plenty to satisfy the most demanding customer. The specialist in made-to-measure shirts continues to offer an unparalleled choice of options via its website, including over 1,000 fabrics, 28 collar shapes, 20 different types of cuffs, a range of cuts and stitching, and so on.

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