We are aware that you are careful about the use of your personal data. We therefore thank you for putting your trust in Swann & Oscar, and we will be careful to ensure that your personal data is properly protected. By submitting this declaration, you agree that Swann & Oscar may collect, process, and make use of the personal information referred to hereafter for the purposes set out herein.
You have the option to withdraw this consent at any time, in which case the withdrawal of consent shall take effect immediately but shall not apply retrospectively.

Data processor

LVA S.A.S., of 1, rue de l’Arcade, 75008 Paris, France is responsible for all processing of personal data provided to Swann & Oscar, or otherwise collected by them.

What information relating to customers is collected by Swann & Oscar?

The customer information that we collect is used for purposes of personalisation and continuous improvement of your purchasing experience on Swann-et-oscar.com.
We use this information to: process your orders, deliver products and services, process your payment, communicate with you in relation to your orders, our products and services, and promotional offers; to maintain and update our records and your accounts with us; to provide you with editorial content and to recommend products and services that you may be interested in. We also use this information to improve our store and our platform, to prevent or detect fraud or abuse on our website and to enable third parties to supply technical, logistical and other services on our behalf. Some information is nevertheless mandatory to enable Swann & Oscar to provide its services. We will highlight to you, where necessary, any fields that are categorised as mandatory fields.

Information that you provide

We collect and record all information that you provide via our website or other means. You can elect not to provide certain information to us; however, this decision may lead to you being unable to receive a number of services and features that we offer. We use the information that you provide for a variety of purposes, including without limitation to deal with your requests, to customise your future purchases, to improve our website and to communicate with you.

Automatically-collected information

Each time that you contact us, we receive certain types of information that we then record. Like many other sites, we use “cookies” among other methods. Accordingly, as soon as you access the website located at www.swannetoscar.com, your browser provides certain information to us.

Information relating to e-mail

In order to ensure that our e-mails are as relevant as possible, and if your computer allows this, we are frequently notified when you have opened e-mails from Swann & Oscar. We also compare our customer lists with those of other companies in order to prevent irrelevant e-mails from being sent to our customers. If you prefer not to receive any e-mails from us, all you have to do is inform us of this via your account.

Third-party service providers

We make use of other companies or independent contractors to provide certain services on our behalf. Examples include the processing of orders, shipment of goods, sending electronic or postal mail, marketing services, processing of payments by bank card, and customer services. These service providers only have access to personal data where it is necessary for them to perform their services, and they are prohibited from making use of this data for any other purpose. Moreover, they are obliged to process this information in accordance with this policy and with any applicable French laws governing the processing of personal information.

Protection of Swann & Oscar and third parties

We disclose the content of customer accounts and any other personal information when we are legally obliged to or if this disclosure is necessary to perform and/or apply the provisions of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale or any other agreement, or in order to protect the rights of Swann & Oscar or any third parties. This includes, without limitation, the possible exchange of information with other companies or organisations for the purposes of preventing fraud and reducing credit-related risks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing shall authorise the sale, hiring out, sharing or other disclosure of personal information enabling customers to be identified for commercial purposes contrary to the commitments set out in this policy.

Change of control and/or assignment of business

As part of our ongoing business development activities, we and/or other companies controlled by LVA S.A.S may sell or acquire all or part of any business, subsidiary, or business unit such as stores. When such transactions take place, information relating to customers generally forms part of the assets that are assigned or transferred, it being specifically asserted that all existing commitments under the data protection policy shall remain in force (except, of course, where agreed otherwise with the customer). Moreover, in the unlikely event that LVA S.A.S. or any material part thereof is acquired, customer information would similarly be disclosed to the acquiring party.

By agreement

In all other circumstances, you shall be notified if your information is to be disclosed to any third party and you shall have the option of agreeing to such disclosure. If we transmit personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to share information as set out above, we shall ensure that this information is transmitted in accordance with this policy and with any applicable law relating to personal data.

Is my personal information protected?

We take steps to protect your personal data during transfer, and make use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software to encrypt the information that you enter before it is sent. When an order is confirmed, we only show the last five digits of your bank card. Of course, we transmit the entire card number to the economic entity that processes your payment request.

We maintain physical, technical and organisational security measures in relation to the collection, retention, and disclosure of customers’ personal information. Our security procedures may lead us to request proof of your identity from you before disclosing your personal information with you.

It is important to protect yourself from unauthorised access to your password and your computer.

If you share a computer, you must therefore log out of the website each time you have finished using it.