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Your measurements

Your measurements on the Swann & Oscar made-to-measure shirt website are the cornerstone of your customer account. The sewing patterns that are saved to your account make it easy for you to re-order your shirts without taking new measurements each time you order. You should therefore pay particular attention when your measurements are taken.

When you order a shirt, after selecting all the options, you’ll reach the stage where measurements are taken.

At this stage, you have three options:

  • Simplified measurements
  • Body measurements
  • Taking measurements from an existing shirt

Measuring guide

Regardless of which option you follow, the measurements will be converted to display a sewing pattern that reflects both the measurements that are taken and the style that you have selected.

In other words, simplified measurements, body measurements and measurements taken from an existing shirt will all result in a final sewing pattern.

Once your first order has been created, we will only retain the measurements used to create the shirt for you. This is what the sewing pattern will look like, regardless of the measuring method chosen when placing your order:

pattern of a shirt

All adjustments made to this first shirt will be applied directly to your sewing pattern in order to make things easier and clearer. Accordingly, you’ll see a build-up of different versions of your sewing – in other words, showing the changes applied to your shirt style over time. Measurements that differ between versions are shown in bold text.

N.B.: You can only go back one stage in the history of your shirt pattern and therefore only the immediately preceding version can be applied to a shirt design. If you wish to revert to an older version, you need to create a “new version” of this pattern.

several version of a shirt's pattern

If you wish to use multiple sewing patterns at the same time – for instance, a short pattern for shirts to be worn outside your waistband, and another, longer version to be worn tucked in, you can use the “Create a new sewing pattern” button. This allows you to create a new pattern that will also change over time via the creation of different versions.

Client's account with several shirt's pattern and different versions

When you submit a confirmed order, we will check your measurements in order to ensure that there are no major errors. If required, we will make a few adjustments or contact you to check the measurements with you. These corrections will be saved for your future orders. If, despite everything, you are not fully satisfied with the fit of your shirt, you can return the first shirt that you order for us to make any adjustments that are required. These adjustments will also be saved for your future orders.

You can access all sewing patterns saved to your account at any time. To do so, log in to your account and click on “My measurements.” You will then see your pattern(s), and the following options will be available to you:

  • (1) You can make changes to the latest version of your pattern to adjust the measurements of your shirt – but be careful, because by clicking on this button, you’ll be returned to the shirt measurements screen. Note that on this page, the chest, waist and hip measurements are expressed as half-chest, half-waist and half-hip measurements. Therefore, a chest measurement of 118 cm in the pattern saved to your account corresponds to a half-chest measurement of 59 cm (118 divided by two) on the shirt measurements page where you can change your details. Don’t let this put you off!
  • (2) This option allows you to create a second sewing pattern for you or a friend, while saving your original pattern. This allows you to save multiple different patterns to a single customer account. This is mainly aimed at customers who regularly use two different patterns to place an order – for instance, for weekend shirts and those designed to be worn in the working week. This option can also be used if two different people, each with their own measurements, decide to share a single customer account. In general, we do not recommend this, as this approach can easily lead to mistakes being made.
  • (3) This button allows you to save your order at this stage in order to come back later. This may be useful to save the shirt design that you’ve created immediately before reaching the measurement stage, especially if you don’t have a tape measure with you at that precise moment. The shirt is then saved to your "wishlist" in your customer account, allowing you to return to it later.
  • (4) This final option allows you to order a shirt using the measurements of one of your friends or family who is already an existing customer of the Swann & Oscar label. You then have a simple form to complete, allowing you to order the shirt with his measurements. Our team will then take care of retrieving the information and linking the shirt with the recipient’s pattern.

Patterns page

For more information on the measuring process, click here.