Swann & Oscar

90-day tailor-made guarantee

We guarantee your complete satisfaction for your first shirt order.

Whatever the reason, we will take care of all alterations to the first shirt that you order, so that you are ensured of a perfect fit. These alterations will also be applied to the pattern used for your initial order, so that they are reflected in any future orders placed.

  • Alterations will only be made to the measurements of the finished shirt.
  • This does not apply to options such as fabric, collar, or cuffs.
  • It does not apply to simplified measurements (standard sizes).
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How to exercise your warranty?

If you invoke our Made-to-Measure Guarantee, first of all we ask you to wash the shirt at least 3 times in order to take its final shape. After these washes, if corrections are still necessary, please return your shirt to our store for the attention of:

Swann & Oscar
1, rue de l'Arcade
75008 Paris

Depending on the alterations requested, at our discretion we may elect to:

  • Carry out the alterations to the shirt as previously supplied
  • Produce a new shirt

You will only be liable to pay the postage and packing charges for returning the shirt to us, except in the case of orders delivered outside French territory, in which case the customer will also be responsible for meeting postage and packing charges following completion of the alterations.