Taking your measurements

When you order your made-to-measure shirt, we request you to enter your measurements. This generally takes ten to fifteen minutes. Several solutions are available:

Simplified measurements:

This simple and quick way of taking measurements consists of letting us know which off-the-peg size fits you best for the “body” part of the shirt. You can then adjust the collar, the length of the sleeves and the length of the shirt itself independently. For example, this consists of advising us that you would like a size 41 shirt, but with a size 42 collar and an extra 2cm of length in the sleeves compared to a standard size 41 shirt off the peg.

Simplified Measurements

Advanced measurements:

Advanced measurements allow you to go further when specifying the pattern for your shirt. This allows you to provide us with more measurement points in order to achieve a cut that fits your body shape better. There are two types of advanced measurements:

To make your work easier and to give you some reference values, we offer the option of pre-filling the form with your body and/or shirt measurements based on your size, weight, and age. By clicking on “advanced measurements” a short form will open, and all you have to do is complete it.

Intelligent measures form

Once you’ve filled out this form, the site will suggest measurements that are designed to reflect your body dimensions. Obviously, these measurements are only intended to be a general guide, and it’s up to you to adjust them with your own accurate measurements. They do however serve to warn you if your own measurements give significantly different results. If this is the case, it is better to check your own measurements to be certain that you haven’t made a mistake.

ntelligent measures results

The results calculated by our system adapt to the type of measurements that you have selected. If you’ve chosen to take body measurements, the system will pre-complete your body measurements. If, on the other hand, you’ve chosen to measure using a shirt, the site will suggest measurements for the shirt that should fit you.
Be careful – the automatic measurement system is only there to help you, and it does not mean that you can avoid taking your own measurements to adjust the results that are calculated automatically.

> Body measurements

This method of taking measurements consisting of measuring your body using a tape measure, by following the video and/or photo instructions, and we will then create the sewing pattern for your shirt based on these measurements and the type of fit that you choose.

Body measurements

> Shirt measurements

This measurement method consists of providing us with the dimensions of your favourite shirt. Place your favourite shirt flat on a table and measure it, following our photo guide for taking the measurements of your shirt.

Shirt measurements