Changing an order that has already been paid

Once you have paid for your order, it can no longer be modified in respect of your choice of options, namely the fabric, collar, cuffs, etc. You can however adjust your measurements if you realise that an error has crept in to your measurements. These corrections can be made provided that the order has not been confirmed (to do so, you must send us an e-mail by clicking here). Confirmation of your order will be notified to you by way of a confirmation e-mail. This action triggers the cutting of the fabric in our workshop.

It is therefore possible to make adjustments (to measurements only) to your order between payment and receipt of the confirmation e-mail. After this time, the fabric has been cut and it is therefore too late.

When you place an order, your data will in any event be verified in order to ensure that your measurements appear consistent with one another. This may allow us to correct any errors that occur. In respect of style elements such as collars, cuffs, fabrics and the colour of seams, etc. they are selected on the customer’s own initiative and the customer is solely responsible for these. S&O’s advice (in the “How to choose your shirt” section) are nevertheless there to help you pinpoint your choices.

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