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Shrinkage of your shirt

The fabrics that we offer have been subjected to a number of quality tests. One of the most important of these tests is the shrinkage test. Accordingly, we only buy fabrics with a shrinkage margin below a certain level to ensure that your shirt retains its fit even after several washes. This does not mean, however, that the fabric of your shirts will never shrink at all, but simply that they will only shrink within tightly controlled, minimal margins, just like any other cotton fabric. This amounts to approximately 1cm of the shirt’s total length and 0.5cm of the sleeve length.

The shirt will generally shrink within this level by the third wash. After this, the cotton stabilises and will not move any more. Once again, this is a natural phenomenon that is completely normal.

WARNING: these shrinkage margins will not be guaranteed if you do not follow the care guidelines shown on every shirt. The two main rules for caring for your shirt are the following:

  • Never wash your shirts above 40°, ideally 30°.
  • Never place your shirts in the tumble dryer: it destroys the cotton fibre.

Your shirts are custom made to your specifications, and there is therefore no excess fabric. If you fail to follow these rules, there is a risk that your shirts may shrink in proportions that will change their original cut.